Filming Permit Forms

All companies, institutions, groups or individuals who seek permission to undertake assignment as film/video producers should complete the Filming Permit Application Form. Film/video producers should submit letters stating reasons for shooting/filming in Tanzania. They must also attach a synopsis or scripts when forwarding their applications. All applicants are advised to submit this form at least one month before the commencing date of the assignment, to:

National Film Censorship Board
Department of Culture Development
Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports
P.O. Box 8031

Tel: +255222121920 / 0222123931 / 0222117819
Fax: +255222121920 / 0222123931 / 022117819


Please click below to download filming permit forms:

Tanzania (Mainland)  Filming Permit form
Tanzania – Zanzibar Filming Permit form