Frequently Asked Question

Yes, provided that, all the requirements are completed and the application form is duly filled in and properly signed.

Yes, as long as he/she will bring the collection ticket and/or letter of authority to pick up with proof of identification.

Name, address and phone number of your contact person in Tanzania, if you don’t have contact person, the name, address and phone number of hotel/accommodation while in Tanzania.

It is not guaranteed, it is strongly advised to apply for a visa at the Tanzania High Commission in London

All Visas are valid from the date issued. 90 days from the date of entry/arrival

It means the sponsor of your trip (self, company, organization, family, others).

  • Card payment at the counter;
  • Bank transfers to Barclays Bank: Sort Code: 20-71-74, Account. No. 13494241;
  • Banker’s draft in Pounds Sterling issued to “Tanzania High Commission” (for applications from the Republic of Ireland);
  • Personal Cheques are not acceptable. Blank Postal Orders/Banker’s Draft will not be accepted.

NB: Payment with CASH is NOT accepted.

YES, but the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Provide a certificate from the UK veterinary doctor that the animal is free from the diseases.
  • Provide an import permit for the pet from the Tanzania Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries development. They can be reached through the following contact address:

Ministry of livestock and fisheries Development
P .O.BOX 9152
You need to have a host in Tanzania to help you get it

The government of The United Republic of Tanzania requires proof of yellow fever vaccination upon arrival if you are travelling from yellow fever endemic countries/regions.

No, a visa grants you permission to land into the country and NOT permission to work

Volunteers must have authorisation to volunteer from the Immigration offices in their respective local areas or Immigration Head Office.

No. However we recommend that you carry your physician’s note for immunisation waiver and submit it to the Health Officers at the point of entry.
Standard Practice requires that, all matters relating to immunisation, waiver and its control need to be decided upon by the Health Officers at respective entry point or boarder.

Yes. Tourists/ Visitors may obtain their visas upon arrival at any entry point in Tanzania, but it is HIGHLY recommended that one secures the visa before travelling to Tanzania.t