Tanzania and UK relations

Tanzania–United Kingdom relations are bilateral relations between Tanzania and the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has been a partner of Tanzania for many years in many areas, particularly trade and security.


Tanzanian exports to the United Kingdom are dominated by raw materials namely; tea, tobacco and precious stones. The United Kingdom is the largest non-African purchaser of Tanzanian tea.On the other hand, UK exports to Tanzania are mainly dominated by automobiles and electronic appliances.

According to the Tanzania Investment Centre, The UK is the Number 1 investor in Tanzania with 35% share of foreign direct investment. UK companies invested around $ 5.1bn (TSh 8,415,000,000,000) in Tanzania in the period 1990-2013 (June), creating 271,000 jobs – almost four times as many as any other investor. Bilateral trade was worth $ 340 million (Tsh 561,000,000,000). British firms play an important role in all the major sectors including energy, communications, construction, banking, agriculture, and the nascent oil and gas sector, where the British company BG Group alone has invested in excess of $ 1 billion (Tsh 1,650,000,000,000), with substantially more in prospect.

Tanzania is one of only five African countries with which the UK has signed a High Level Prosperity Partnership, focussing on 4 priority areas: agriculture, extractives, renewable energy and improving the business environment. We are also working in partnership with the Government of Tanzania to implement a G8/Tanzania Land Transparency Initiative.


The United Kingdom is the top contributor of tourists to Tanzania after Kenya.