Tanzanian government issues various types of passport as provided by the Tanzania Passports and Travel documents Act of 2002 and its Regulations of 2004. The competent authority to authorize the grant of passports is the Commissioner General of Immigration Services. Currently passports are printed at the Immigration Headquarters, Dar es Salaam and at the Zanzibar Immigration Head Office.


An application for a passport shall be accompanied by:

  • A Birth Certificate or Birth affidavit or Certificate of Naturalization of the applicant (In case the applicant is a citizen by naturalization).
  • A birth certificate or birth affidavit or Certificate of Naturalization of the applicant’s parent or parents.
  • Recent, clear and un-mounted five (5) passport size photographs (blue background).
  • In case of the applicant who is below the age of 18 years, the parent’s or legal guardian’s written consent.
  • Marriage certificate for married women
  • In case of changes on name(s), original Deed Poll is required

Note: An affidavit regarding the birth of the applicant shall be stated or sworn by:

  • a parent or legal guardian; or
  • a person who was present at the place of birth when the applicant was born and who is not less than five years above the age of the applicant; or
  • the applicant’s close  relative who was informed of the applicant’s birth by the parents.


Where a passport is  is lost, stolen or severely damaged, an application for replacement shall be accompanied by sworn declaration of the circumstances surrounding the loss, theft or damage of the passport and authority to which the loss, theft or damage was reported.

In case of a lost or stolen Passport the holder of such passport is required to:

  • Report the loss or theft at the nearest police station;
  • Publish the loss or theft in a daily news paper issued at a place where the incident occurred.

Children born in the United Kingdom

Tanzanian citizens living abroad, are advised to apply Tanzania passport for their children under 18 years who were born in the United Kingdom provided that ,at least one of the parent is still holding Tanzania citizenship.

The following documents must be submitted along with application form:

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Birth certificate copy of one of the child’s parent who is a citizen of Tanzania
  • Tanzania passport copy of one of the child’s parent
  • Parental letter to request Tanzania passport for the child
  • Child must be at the High Commission for Fingerprints

Passport Fee

Application Form                                                          £5

Please be informed that Tanzanian Passport application forms can only be obtained at the Tanzania High Commission in London.

Ordinary Passport £40
Lost Passport £80



Passport Application Service is by appointment only. 

Please Click here to book your appointment .

All passport applicants must submit all required documents at the time of application. All forms must be completed in capital letter before submission.


The Commissioner General of Immigration Services at any time may revoke the passport issued to the holder where:-

  • The holder of a passport permits another person to use his/her passport.
  • The holder of a passport has been deported or repatriated to the United Republic of Tanzania at the expense of the Government.
  • The holder has ceased to be a citizen of United Republic of Tanzania.
  • The holder engages in illicit drug trafficking, money laundering, migrant trafficking, terrorism acts or any other illegal transaction.
  • It is in the national interests or national security.